Paul Beaman – Lifting 16 years!

”This is fire. I put a drop of this mineral drink in my breakfast smoothie every single day. Over 70 minerals. If you don’t have adequate minerals then you can’t absorb vitamins correctly.

Are you wasting your money on vitamins with the correct minerals?

P.S. This taste of this is insane. Tastes like grape sweets“

Judit Douglas

Judit Douglas – ICU Nurse – NHS (Princess Royal Hospital)

”I just wanted to say thank you so much for Betterbio.

I have done 5 night shifts and 2 study days this week and still going strong. Not too tired. Managing well. I even had my flu jab which normally makes me a bit poorly, but no, this time all good! I can only think that Betterbio is making me better. Thanks“  😊👍🏻🙌🏻🍀


Claudia Alexandralee – Fitness Coach

“Bottle no.2 of this stuff, went quickly with David and I in the house.

I’ve found benefits for me:

  1. Better sleep
  2. More energy levels throughout the day – I’ve almost cut out my one coffee a day completely
  3. Feel more balanced

All natural, all vegan, so good!” 


Amanda Christensen – Fitness and Nutrition Coach – Infinity 8 Fitness

“We have been drinking Fulvic mineral drink for a month now and in our household it’s become Just a daily thing! The boys say it tastes like bubble gum!! Personally I’ve found an improvement in the condition on my skin, hair and nails but more importantly I’m much more awake during the day!

I highly recommend Fulvic it’s great for the whole family”

Luke Bicknel

Luke Bicknel – Owner and fitness and nutrition coach – Unity fitness

Despite being a personal trainer and a bit of a health nut, I don’t usually go for Supplements. I have a good diet and know what I’m doing with nutrition … but I’ve known about the lack of minerals in soil for a while now, and to be honest hadn’t really addressed how I would address this issue within my own diet.

But Betterbio does just that.

It addresses the mineral deficiencies we all have in a practical, easy, delicious and affordable way (90p a day instead of a £2.50 take away coffee is a no brainer!). In liquid form it is absorbed much better than taking loads of different tablets too…Get it in your life! 😃 

Gary Smith

Gary Smith – Director – Simply Finance

“I am going to be running in my first ever Marathon next year and I want to make sure that I am ‘match fit’ and well prepared so I thought I’d give this product a try to see if it could help. I started taking the Fulvic Mineral Drink from BetterBio Health just over a week ago and I can feel the difference already, I have more energy, recover faster and generally just feel better!

This product will definitely be part of my on-going training regime”.


Janine Nadin – Owner – Go Grazey

I have been searching for supplements to help increase my energy levels and help improve my digestive system and came across Fulvic Mineral Drink. I didn’t want to take tablets initially, as I was aware of your body not fully absorbing it this way. I have been drinking Fulvic Mineral Drink for 2 weeks now and I can honestly say it’s really improved my energy levels. I take it every morning and I know I’ve started the day right. It’s helped me become motivated before a work out and it also tastes great.

I’m happy to say this will now be part of my daily routine. Can’t recommend enough.


Marianne Trott – Property Lawyer – Whetham & Green

“Loving my super juice every morning! Sets me up for the day as you can see!😂  I am sleeping so much better and noticed my hair feels more silky! Thank you! x


Yasmin Hatfield​ – Marketing and Communications Executive – Ambient Support

BetterBio has been an easy addition to my day to day with noticeable benefits – most telling is that my skin has improved. I feel super hydrated after a glass, and it tastes delicious. I have mine with ice. I love the taste so much that I don’t dilute it too much so that I get the full flavour. I haven’t been drinking it for long and yet already feel a difference.

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