Studies on soil degradation

7 Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Incredibly Common
Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, RDN (Ice)
97% Of Our Food Comes From The Soil, And We Are Depleting The Minerals In It, Which Is Bad For Our Health
The Real Truth About Health
Declining Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Composition What Is the Evidence 
Donald R. Davis
A study on the mineral depletion of the foods available to us as a nation over the period 1940 to 1991
Medical Research Council
Mineral Depletion of Foods 1940-2002
Dr David Thomas
Nutrient Depletion of our Foods
Lyle MacWilliam, MSc, FP
Scarcity of micronutrients in soil, feed, food, and mineral reserves
Dr Carin Rougoor

Two time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling declared, ” Nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency”.

Studies on absorption

Great Debate: Liquid Vitamins vs. Pills. Which is Better?
Liquids vs Pills
Which Form of Supplements Is Better?
Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki
Calcium and Magnesium Absorption Basics 
Dr. Berg
Mineral Elements
Institute of Mineral Research
Dietary Trace Minerals
Elad Tako

Studies on mineral deficiency

Micronutrient Deficiency
Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser
What Causes Mineral Deficiencies?
20 Things that Result in Mineral Deficiency
Dr. Berg
Mineral Absorption & Deficiency
Yvette R. Schlussel, Ph.D.

Studies on the health benefits of minerals

Benefits of Fulvic and Humic Acid on Nutrient Levels
Katie Wells
Fulvic acid inhibits aggregation and promotes disassembly of tau fibrils associated with Alzheimer’s diseased
Alberto Cornejo, José M Jiménez, Leonardo Caballero, Francisco Melo, Ricardo B Maccioni
Top 10 Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid For Women’s Wellbeing
Soil-based organisms improve immune function: shift cytokine profile from TH2 to TH1
Vitamin and Mineral Inadequacy Accelerates Aging-associated Disease
Bruce Ames
Can Trace Minerals Inactivate Viruses?
Dr. Berg
Two Trace Minerals Linked to Living to 100 Years Old
Dr. Berg
Why Minerals are a must for health living
Dr Felicity Corbin-Wheeler
The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Hair Loss
Hind M. Almohanna, Azhar A. Ahmed, John P. Tsatalis, Antonella Tosti
Macrominerals and Trace-Minerals in the Diet
Dr. Catherine Shaffer, Ph.D.
Minerals and health
April CashinGarbutt, MA (Editor)
Poor sleep linked to a lack of essential
vitamins and minerals
Lois Zoppi, BA
Update on nutrients involved in maintaining healthy bone
Mariangela Rondanelli, Annalisa Opizzi, Simone Perna, Milena Anna Faliva
Zinc as an essential micronutrient
Elsevier Science Inc.
Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Diabetes
John Winkler and Sanjoy Ghosh
Multivitamin, mineral supplements may bolster the immune system of older adults
Oregon State University
Study of Serum Copper and Iron in Children with Chronic Liver Diseases
Noha Lotfy Ibrahim
Trace mineral balance during acute diarrhea in infants
Carlos Castiilo-Duran, MD, Pablo Vial, MD, and Ricardo Uauy, MD, PhD

Studies on nutrition

Is Our Food Becoming Less Nutritious?
Key Nutrients Missing in Our Soils
Ben Warren
Soil: An essential ingredient to healthy food and nutrition
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Energy Metabolism and Well-Being
Dr S Maggini

Scientific studies

Organic vs Inorganic Minerals: Biggest Confusion
Dr. Berg
What Are Trace Minerals?
Dr. Jerry Spears
The importance of mineral elements for humans, domestic animals and plants
K. O. Soetan, C. O. Olaiya, O. E. Oyewole


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