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Fulvic Acid Relieve Muscle Cramps

Whether you are an athlete, senior citizen, pregnant mother, or someone else, almost everyone experiences the pain of muscle cramps at some time in their life. The good news is that Fulvic Acid can naturally and effectively reduce or eliminate excruciating muscles cramps!

What Causes Muscle Cramps?

Dehydration and depletion of essential salt, minerals, and electrolytes are believed by researchers to be at the root of most muscle cramps. This condition can be brought on – or aggravated by – overexertion, poor conditioning, exercising or working in intense heat, pregnancy, age, and even a poor or deficient diet.

Proper hydration with water, and key electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium, keep electrolytes in the muscles so they stay healthy, balanced, and hydrated to help avoid muscle cramping.

Muscle cramps can affect any muscle in the body that is under voluntary control (skeletal muscle). Muscle cramps can involve part or all of a muscle, or several muscles in a group.

The groups of muscles most commonly affected by cramping are:

  • Calf and back of the lower leg
  • Back of thigh or “hamstrings”
  • Front of thigh or “quadriceps”

Muscle cramps are also very common in the feet, hands, arms, abdomen, and along the rib cage.

How Fulvic Acid Prevents & Relieves Muscle Cramping

Magnesium and Potassium are the primary key electrolytes that help prevent muscle cramping. One of Magnesium’s role in the body, as an essential electrolyte, is to relax muscles after contraction.

Potassium, also an essential electrolyte, performs the role of maintaining water and acid-base balance in cells. This helps hydrate muscles, thereby avoiding muscle cramping.

Betterbio Fulvic Acid is a unique complex containing 70 organic plant source minerals – including pure, essential electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, chloride, and sulfate – that the muscles need to stay properly balanced and hydrated.

Additionally, Fulvic Acid, because of its uniquely small molecular size (1/1000 micron), can permeate the body’s cells and deliver missing minerals and nutrients to correct deficiencies quickly and safely.

While most mineral supplements are large in size and can only be transported in the bloodstream, Fulvic Acid molecules penetrate the muscles on a cellular level.

In addition to enhancing the absorption of vitamins and minerals in our body, Fulvic Acid also acts as a catalyst. When Fulvic acid contacts minerals and trace elements from food, they are dissolved into a form that is more available to the body. These essential minerals fuse with Fulvic Acid and are carried directly into all of the cells of the body, including the muscles.

Prevent & Relieve Muscle Cramping with Betterbio Fulvic Concentrate

Betterbio Fulvic Concentrate delivers the essential minerals your muscles need to stay balanced and hydrated and perform optimally – preventing and relieving painful muscles cramps.

100% Organic Plant Source Betterbio Fulvic Concentrate offers maximum absorption & bioavailability – with NO fillers, sugar, wheat, soy, dairy products, gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors, animal products, eggs or preservatives.

If you want to feel better and be your best self, start using Betterbio Fulvic today! For a Betterbio Tomorrow.

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