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Powerful Natural Remedy for Arthritis & Joint Pains

Mineral supplementation and remineralization of the bones is actually one of the most important arthritis treatments because this lays the foundation for your body to begin repairing your joints.

So here\’s why your bones (and joints) need these essential nutrients so badly…

Minerals are so crucial to your overall health and well-being that you would never be able to think, breathe, or even exist for that matter without them!

The fact is the human body is basically made up of only two things… dirt (minerals) and water. So yes, you are essentially mud!

But how does this relate to arthritis?

Well, two time Nobel Prize winner and modern genius, Dr Linus Pauling, once said…

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.

And arthritis is certainly classed as a disease (or ailment), is it not? So therefore it must also be classed as a mineral deficiency disease (which it is).

Remember this… your immune system is controlled by minerals (rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the immune system malfunctions and attacks its own cells). Your bones are made up of minerals. Your ligaments and tendons are made up of minerals. Your joints are essentially minerals!

And osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are both immune and joint diseases.

So the simple fact is without enough minerals you will get arthritis. But the good news is by consuming enough minerals and replenishing your body with these essential nutrients, you can also reverse arthritis!

Don\’t Expect to Receive the Minerals Your Body So Desperately Needs From Your Diet – It\’s Now Virtually Impossible!

The problem is that as we age, mineral loss from the body accelerates. If we don’t replace these nutrients every day from outside sources (food) then severe health problems, including arthritis and bone fractures, eventually occur. The trouble is modern day farming methods have now left our food crops almost totally stripped of all minerals.(source) Combine this with the rapidly expanding and dangerous GMO (genetically modified) food crops, and your chances of receiving all the minerals your body needs every day are practically zero!    

The most efficient way to get your minerals is by supplementing with plant based fulvic minerals. Fulvic or Colloidal minerals are 98% absorbable and contain all of the 60+ minerals and trace elements your body (and joints) need every day. In addition to this, go out and purchase some Himalayan pink rock salt (crystal salt) from your local supermarket and use this in your cooking and to salt your food to taste instead of regular salt. Himalayan pink rock salt contains over 80 essential minerals and trace elements in a highly absorbable form. This form of salt is actually very good for you so use it as much as you can!

Remember too, you also need extra calcium, magnesium, boron and vitamin D for bone health.

Oh, and how long should you use these mineral supplements for you may ask? Please listen carefully… For the rest of your days! These supplements aren\’t like a prescription that you take until the bottles empty and then that\’s it. You need to take these supplements everyday to make sure you constantly replenish the supply of minerals to your bones (and body). It\’s an ongoing and never ending cycle.

The Importance of Minerals for Arthritis and Bone Fracture Prevention…

Most people who suffer from arthritis also suffer from osteoporosis and bone fractures. This is due to the fact that their bones have become soft and brittle from all the minerals that have leached out over the years (bones can actually turn as soft as ice-cream when there\’s no minerals left). Thankfully, arthritis, osteoporosis and the rate of bone fractures all reverse and go away once you begin to put the minerals back in!

To finish off, here\’s an extract from Dr Ronald Hoffman\’s excellent book \”Intelligence Medicine\” on exactly why you must supplement with minerals and what happens when you don\’t…

\”From about the age of twenty-five, your body becomes less efficient at absorbing the minerals in the food you eat and may start to borrow on the minerals stored in your bones. Eventually, these \”accounts\” become overdrawn and your bones become depleted, porous, and brittle. At this stage, what might have been a minor tumble fifteen years ago becomes a major fracture of the back or hip or wrist. Furthermore, bone strength is not just a simple matter of density, the amount of bone mass. Bones have a degree of flexibility, which is also important in enabling them to resist fractures.\”

– Ronald L. Hoffman, M.D., Intelligent Medicine: A Guide to Optimizing Health and Preventing Illness for the Baby-Boomer Generation (NaturalPedia)

Betterbio Fulvic Minerals product delivers all of the above and so much more:

  • Betterbio Fulvic supplies over 70 trace minerals and elements imparting a steady charge of bioelectrical energy.
  • Betterbio Fulvic is a super transport system for nutrients. You can feel the difference, especially if you take supplements.
  • These Minerals, when combined with enzymes, form alkaline detoxifying agents.
  • Minerals like iron and zinc supply energy to the body. Betterbio Fulvic is plant based, plant-derived trace mineral rich in chromium, vanadium, selenium, and boron.
  • Betterbio Fulvic is easy on the stomach and helps your internal flora thrive by providing necessary nutrients.

The list of attributes from this amazing product leaves nothing to the imagination! If you want to feel better and be your best self, start using Betterbio Fulvic today! For a Betterbio Tomorrow.

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