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38 Apples a Day; Depletion of Minerals in Soil

A well-known English proverb speaks of eating an apple a day keeping the doctor away. It originated in Wales and was first time recorded in 1860s. Today, it is completely out of date.

You can see the titled article 38 Apples a Day. This number was measured by comparing real apple\’s to the supermarket wannabe apple\’s vitamin C content. Basically, you would have to eat 38 apples to get as much vitamin C as is found in one in the wild.

The content of apple is destroyed mainly by two influences:

  • Soil is getting depleted. After about 70 years of \”new age agriculture\”, the minerals including copper, zinc, iron, magnesium and others got lost. Industrial fertilizers don\’t replenish them and natural ones are not used as much today. From 1941 till 1991, the amount of copper in food was reduced to 1/5, the amount of zinc to 2/5, iron to 1/2, and magnesium to 7/10 just for example.
  • Using modern technologies, the apples can be stored for more than year. I think it is two years ago, when European Union approved Smart Gas for use on apples. It increases the time of storing apples safely by one year. They have to be in the cold dark room with a little oxygen to protect them from turning brown. It increases their lifespan tremendously, but even when they keep their color, most antioxidants including C vitamin are lost at the time. Sugar and fiber are more stable, so they remain.

Aforementioned study included only the nutritional value change. However, the amount of free radicals and toxins in the air grows every year. You need more antioxidants to eliminate them than the people 70 years ago needed. Because of that, the real amount of apples you would have to eat to keep a doctor away could be as high as 45 or more.

Yet, we have to take into consideration the pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, chemical wax replacing the original one and more toxic substances, which will rather keep the doctor very busy with you. Also, eating so many fruits of acidic nature would certainly damage your intestinal wall or stomach. No, this proverb can not be updated to fit the year of 2018. Next time you use it, say instead:

An apple a day will be of no avail to health. 38 Apples a day will kill you right away.

Note: Strong digestive tract would handle that many apples. But it goes without argument the pesticides would intoxicate your body and shorter your life greatly, if you don\’t remove them fast.

The best solution is to use plant based minerals from millions of years ago when forests were pristine and lush with rich green vegetation and wholesome, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Or grown your fruit and vegetables!

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